Oracle SOA Student Records Database System Software

Updated 08/16/07

Available for any small college or university. I will customize, convert, support, and release source codes for modest, home-based hourly rate.


Since early 2005, I have been developing a student record system for a small college that is currently in use but not fully deployed due to unexpected administrative concerns. It is now being used successfully to maintain student personal data, transfer credits, course credit, and to produce transcripts and grade reports by the main campus registrar. Several additional queries are functional based on past requirements. Additionally it has the ability to maintain instructor personal data, credentials, class rosters, grade entry, and course catalog data for undergraduate and graduate curriculums. Further development and funding has been stopped in 2007 because of unresolved (non-technical) issues concerning access to the database by other faculty and students even with tiered security.

The project is Oracle-based SOA using and has six locally-networked Oracle clients. There are about a dozen interactive panels that start with screenshots similar to the examples below. These panels (below) are ASP.NET-based and were to be used for web-enabled access from any Internet-connected computer. The programs are quite generic and can easily be customized to another institution. This is far simpler to implement and use than some major "ERP" solutions.

Main Features

  • Personal student data with dual addresses (home and study)
  • Unlimited transfer credits
  • Undergraduate and Graduate course credits
  • Course Catalog
  • Grade reports and full transcripts produced from one-click recalculation from raw credits.
  • Term and Cumulative GPA calculated for all semensters.
  • Federal Aid - Meets all gov't requirements.
  • Instructor grade input with attendance data.
  • Student self-registration and address change.
  • Standard queries built in.
  • Multi-level authority.

    VB.NET and ASP.NET student and faculty panels connecting with Oracle 10g database.

    Registrar main Panel ID:S1

    Student web main Panel ID:WS1

    Faculty web main Panel ID:WF1