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Ours is a special variation of poker. Up to 50 players can play and each has their own deck. Therefore, identical 
hands are possible. We award pot to best 3 hands. To play ours, they join a game with chips and have 4 cards dealt 
from which they can replace up to 2. They bet on the "flop" and get 2 more. They bet on the "river" and get one more. 
Up to this point everyone is playing without any feedback other than the size of the pot and number of players. 
They bet or fold based on their own assessment of their 7 cards. They then enter a betting phase (stage 5 in 
our program) where they see other players betting and can check, bet 5, 10, 15, or fold. They can call any bet 
and raise. When they bet max or no one else bets higher, the game ends and and all can see the 3 winners' best 
5-card hands. The pot is divided and a small amount (rake) goes to the house.

SPECIAL NOTE: Customer originally wanted to pick cards from 52 face down. Now he wants a plain deal as option. 
Click "0" button on right first to do plain deal only.
Play 44t





About 44t:

"Four for Texas Hold 'em" from a movie. 
A Java 7 applet that requires browser JRE.
A game exists as a 10-minute window of date/time. Players must share same game #.
Everyone has their own deck and up to 50 players can play.
High hands are more common with a lot of players.

Running 44t prototype:

1 - Click the link. It may take a while to download but makes no changes to your PC.
2 - Check for latest version number on left mid-screen. If not latest, refresh browser. Currently v2.0
3 - Insert a 1,2, ... 12 before in the window on the left. e.g. 
    This lets you use a prepaid identity to play.
4 - Click "register", then "play now" buttons as they appear.
5 - Follow instructions that appear on left mid-screen where the version was displayed.
6 - The yellow button on left also gives instructions.
7 - Bet and bluff your way through to the end within the time limits.
8 - The best three players hands will be awarded parts of the pot and the house takes its rake.

Debugging features:

Clicking "fold" before anything else leaves the deck unshuffled. This allows ranking tests of high hands.

Clicking the "0" button on right before anything else puts it in plain deal mode without picking cards.
(Earlier it was a "bot" mode jumping to stage 5 betting round with 7 random cards. A trace window opened on the left. 
This allowed one person to bet several hands at once.) 

Unmodified "" player can join multiple times and always has chips. 

A registration delay controlled by database parm was recently added at beginning. Currently set to 0 seconds.